A good agent can make or break a property sale, and these six signs will tell you that you’re on the right track.

For many investors, the sale is when all the energy expended on an investment bears fruit. Without the right professional help, however, a sale campaign risks ending in disappointment.

In an industry that abounds with options, it is worth noting that not all agents are created equal. According to digital platform LocalAgentFinder, there are six points on which vendors should vet prospective agents when choosing a professional that will meet their needs.

Here is LocalAgentFinder’s checklist for assessing agent compatibility.

  1. Meets your needs

Real estate agents all have different fortes, and it is crucial that their specialisations match their client’s needs. Knowing your own needs requires deliberation and a thorough understanding of the target buyers for a property.

For instance, agents with heritage experience could bring valuable expertise to the sale of a listed property. For a property close to top-ranking schools, an agent with a thorough knowledge of local education and a proven track record selling to families would be a valuable asset.

  1. Experience

Age isn’t everything, but when it comes to real estate agent experience certainly doesn’t hurt. An agent with many years of industry experience – ideally in the local market – will have witnessed many market ebbs and flows, and has likely honed their skills in reading local buyers.

Experience also applies when selecting marketing strategies, as agents who intend to use new, innovative marketing tools should ideally have a track record using these tools for vendor success.

  1. Passes the review test

A detailed perusal of past client reviews is an excellent way to gauge whether an agent is likely to live up to expectations. Online reviews abound, so it is best to focus on former clients with similar property needs.

LocalAgentFinder recommends using reviews to narrow the choices down to the top three agents, and then vetting these three final contenders through an individual conversation.

  1. Excellent communication

Real estate is a people business, and an agent who communicates clearly with vendors is more likely to connect well with prospective buyers. In an industry where time is of the essence, punctual responses are also a crucial consideration.

As LocalAgentFinder noted: “When an agent consistently reaches out to you, it often reflects their genuine commitment and desire to work with you. Imagine that same energy being directed towards potential buyers of your property.”

  1. Reasonable commission

When it comes to agent commissions, “reasonable” does not necessarily mean rock-bottom. However, the reality is that agents need to take a commission from the sale, so it’s a good idea to make sure their fee structure suits your needs.

Whether that means selecting an agent who has a flexible commission structure, different rates for repeat clients, or a different ratio of upfront commissions, knowing their financial process will ensure a better and more transparent working relationship.

  1. Compatible

Finally, a good client-agent fit is essential in making sure a vendor has the right partner on their side as they prepare for one of life’s biggest financial decisions. Shared priorities, a sense of being genuinely heard and understood, and alignment in goals go a long way in making a sales relationship work.

An initial chat to check the vibe can help narrow down a shortlist of agents, and find the one who will be right for you.

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