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What does a ‘buyer’s market’ mean for you?

Some property market analysts are predicting average national home values could fall by 11 per cent in 2019 – and say home values in some suburbs of Melbourne and Sydney have already fallen by more than 7 per cent since they reached their peak in late 2017....

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Homeownership still desired but not expected

While the vast majority of renters in Australia aspire to own their own home, few believe it’s feasible, according to a new survey. A new survey by the Housing Industry Association (HIA) found that while 92 per cent of renters dream of owning their own home, only 49...

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Can you exit an off-the-plan purchase?

Considering buying a property off the plan? It sounds good in theory, with the possibility of stamp duty concessions and other benefits for first home buyers. But in 2018 there were quite a few people who got caught out by the hidden risks. Read on to find out what...

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Parents worry children won’t afford property

Australian parents and grandparents are concerned for the next generation’s financial future, with 96% fearing their children and grandchildren either won’t be financially secure, afford a property or secure a good education in the years ahead. The Generation Life...

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Why first home buyers should start small

When it comes to buying a home, bigger is better, right? Maybe not. All over the world, people are changing their attitude to the size of home they live in. This is particularly true amongst millennials, and if you’re looking to build your first home to take advantage...

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When to leave your lender

Valentine’s Day makes us think about loyalty – which is an admirable quality in any relationship. But is your devotion to your home loan provider justified?  It’s important to ask your mortgage broker to help you review your home loan from time to time. We’re...

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