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How would an RBA cash rate rise affect you?

It’s been nearly eight years since the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) last raised the country’s official cash rate. Interest rates have been at historical lows for quite some time and as a homeowner, you may never have experienced an “official” rise in interest...

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Getting ready to buy your first home

Getting ready to buy your first home? It’s an exciting time and it’s easy to make mistakes. Here are 5 common mistakes that you should try to avoid! 1. Relying on advice from family and friends Family and friends are people you can trust, so it’s understandable that...

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Borrowers favour location over dream home

Australians are prepared to miss out on their dream home if it means living in an ideal location, according to new research from a non-bank lender. A survey of 1,022 Australians by State Custodians has found that over a third, or 37 per cent, of respondents would...

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ACCC report represents ‘opportunity’ for brokers

A new report into mortgage pricing has shown that a lack of transparency is stifling competition, with the heads of the broker associations highlighting that this presents a prime “opportunity” for brokers to help borrowers. The Australian Competition and Consumer...

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How can one bounce back after failure?

As tough as it may seem, the sooner that you can take some control and accept the situation, the sooner new ideas emerge, argues Alan Manly. “The feeling of failure is a lot like the feeling of grief. It plain hurts,” says author, entrepreneur and Group Colleges...

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New home owners worried about falling house prices

Home buyers who purchased in the past three years are the most worried by recent falls in house prices, according to a new survey. The report from ME bank also showed that the concern was most felt by those buyers in Sydney and Melbourne. ME’s Property Sentiment...

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4 tips to avoid overspending this Christmas

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australians splurged a whopping $47.5 billion during last year’s Christmas shopping period. That probably made for a lot of blistered credit cards and debt hangovers come February! We’d like to recommend a more...

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