Australian businesses are rapidly adopting rental solutions to meet their evolving technology
equipment demands. From desktops, laptops and IT equipment, to photocopiers, solar energy
and office furniture, our Rental product makes it easy and affordable for you to have the latest
equipment – and that’s a great opportunity for you.

Growth opportunity for your business

Technology powers the operations of all businesses. As the cost of owning and upgrading this
technology continues to rise, Australian businesses are increasingly turning to more cost-
effective and convenient finance options.

Getting started is easy

Renting is simple. …and one of Parker Finance’s biggest leasing companies has now entered
the rental market.


Office technology, software and furniture rapidly become obsolete and worn out. If these assets
are owned, the time and cost required to maintain and upgrade them is significant.
Rental gives you an efficient, cost-effective solution to your equipment needs.
• Highly competitive pricing: Rental is priced to finance technology equipment at a reasonable
• Streamlined approval: No financials for applications up to $35,000*.
• Improved cash flow: Technology and equipment costs are spread over time.
• Cost certainty: Payments can be provided upfront and fixed over the lease term.
• Equipment refresh: Renting enables you to regularly upgrade outdated and highly
depreciating equipment, easily and cost-effectively.
• Tax efficient: Rental payments may be tax deductible.
• Single lease payment: Technology and associated costs (e.g. installation, warranty, and
software) can be consolidated into single lease payments.
• Broad finance offering: Parker Finance provides finance solutions for assets not typically
catered for by other Australian financiers.

Eligible equipments

• Computers and Software
• Solar Infrastructure
• Medical and dental equipment
• Generators, welders, pumps and plumbing equipment
• Printing equipment
• Surveying equipment
• Industrial equipment (manufacturing lines, robotic packaging and stacking, food
processing/manufacturing equipment and large engineering equipment)
• Woodwork equipment (panel saws, edge banders, routers, lathes, dustless sandblasters, dust
• Workshop equipment (CNC, lasers, machining centres, plastic mould, injection moulding, etc.)
• Information technology and data storage
• iPads and tablets
• Digital video and still cameras
• GPS equipment
• Photocopiers, printers and multi-functional devices
• Security equipment (excludes monitoring services)
• Audio-visual equipment
• Office furniture
• Pallet racking, conveyor belts and rollers
• Vending/amusement machines (indoor only)

*Equipment not listed above will be considered on a case-by- case basis. Please call Parker Finance if the
equipment that you need is not listed above.

Want to know more?

For more information about Rental, call Parker Finance today.

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