As a small business owner, insurance is probably one of the last things on your priority list. However, this is a big mistake and can end up costing you your business in the worst case scenario or eating up your profits in the best case scenario. There are many benefits to taking out small business insurance and you will find that the costs offset themselves quite quickly.

Business insurance is a risk management tool that enables businesses to transfer the risk of a loss to an insurance company. By paying a relatively small premium to the insurance company, the business can protect itself against the possibility of sustaining a much larger financial loss. All businesses need to insure against risks—such as fire, theft, natural disaster, legal liability, automobile accidents, and the death or disability of key employees—but it is especially important for small businesses.

Sometimes, the life savings of the small business owner are tied up in the company, so the owner must take steps to protect his or her family from the financial consequences of events that could disrupt operations, reduce profits, or even cause the business to go bankrupt. Insurance can help a small business be successful by reducing the uncertainties under which it operates. It places the economic burden of risk elsewhere so that managers can focus their attention on running the business. In addition, the premiums paid for many types of insurance are considered tax deductible business expenses.

Here are some of the top benefits of having a business insurance.


Probably the most important benefit in taking out small business insurance is that you are covered for liability. Businesses make easy targets in case of on site accidents. If someone is injured at your place of business and you don’t have any form of liability insurance you will end up paying for the rest of your life to cover medical expenses and any other damages the courts see fit to grant the person who was injured.

You may think that since you run a small office that there are no accidents your business can be found at fault for. However, even if someone just trips over a wire and twists an ankle in your office they can sue you for damages and medical expenses. It really doesn’t matter if it was their fault. The accident took place in your office so you are liable and since you are a business you will probably end up paying more than you could have imagined for a sprained ankle.

Small business insurance will cover you in all these situations, whether the person is a visitor, client or employee.


Small business insurance will also cover you for the cost of equipment or goods that have been stolen. So, if you have a warehouse and goods are stolen as a result of a break-in your insurance policy will cover the cost of replacing the stolen property. This holds true for office equipment and any other property that you have insured.

The compensation you receive can save your business because having most of your inventory stolen can cause a serious dent in your turnover and profitability if you don’t have coverage. Small business insurance will cover the costs and you can quickly replace your lost inventory.


By taking out small business insurance against natural disasters you will be protecting your assets and inventory in case they are destroyed by natural disasters, such as a flood or earthquake. If your place of business is destroyed by an earthquake, the costs of replacing everything can be staggering. A good insurance policy will cover the replacement costs so you can be up and running again in no time at all.

However, if you didn’t have any small business insurance you will have to cover everything out of your own pocket. As most small business owners don’t have massive financial backing and usually don’t have such a large emergency reserve of funds it usually means that they end up filing for bankruptcy.

Taking out small business insurance can mean the difference between having a successful business and losing it all in a moment.

No business owner has a crystal ball hidden in a closet that can predict what might happen in the future. It would be excellent if natural disasters, injuries on the job or lawsuits never occurred, but no one can guarantee that such things won’t occur. For that reason alone, it’s best to be insured.

Parker Finance is pleased to announce they have partnered with Allianz to launch Small Business Insurance solutions. Allianz have a great range of general insurance products already available through Parker Finance including Home, Contents, Landlord and Vehicle insurance solutions.

Allianz insurance offers competitive insurance premiums, multi-policy discounts and as with all Allianz insurance offerings you can choose to pay by the month at no extra charge! Some of these offers are not normally available through other channels.

If you are in one of the following SME categories please do not hesitate to get a competitive quote. Simply email you contacts details to and we will have Allianz call you to discuss a quote.


Allianz are experienced in these industries and prefer to cover these risks


  • Real Estate Agents
  • Travel Agents (including tour guides)
  • Business Administration
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Financial Services
  • Consulting Engineers
  • Business and professional associations
  • Accountants
  • Medical Services
  • Legal services including solicitors
  • Architectural services including drafting.

SB Advantage Pack

  • Retail operations
  • Pizza/Cafes/Restaurants
  • Coffee shops in major shopping centres
  • Cake and bread shops including bakeries
  • Domestic cleaning services
  • Hairdresser/Barber Shop
  • Desktop publishing
  • Consulting Engineers
  • Residential property operators


  • Builders/Carpenters
  • Plumbers (excluding VICTORIA) contracts under $100,000
  • Electricians contracts under $100,000
  • Handyman
  • Bricklayers
  • Conreters
  • Gardening services including landscape gardening, lawn mowing
  • Fencing contractors


  • Hobby Farms
  • Beef/Dairy Cattle Farming
  • Sheep Farming
  • Grain seed growing
  • Vineyard operation – Excluding winery
  • Strawberry growing
  • Olive/wool/herbs growing
  • Crop growing
  • Fruit growing (apple, pear, peaches)
  • Sugar cane/Vegetable growing

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask Parker Finance on 03 9876 4921.

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