For buyers in search of a simpler life, these 10 regions might deliver the small-scale home of their dreams.

In the hustle-and-bustle of the modern world, the idea of a tranquil, rural retreat is more appealing than ever. Financial services firm Property Credit recently unveiled the top 12 picks for downsizers seeking a small slice of pastoral living.

CEO of Property Credit, Giordano Stepancic, observed: “Downsizing is not merely about moving to a smaller home; it’s a significant strategy to bolster superannuation.”

After 24 months of propelling property prices and record stock lows, Property Credit believes that the current market is now “significantly favourable for astute buyers,” making downsizing a “financially wise” decision.

So, where should aspiring tree-changers flock to, according to Property Credit? Here are their top picks.

  1. Noosa & Surrounds, Qld

Starting up in sunny Queensland, Property Credit’s northernmost pick is Noosa and its rural surrounds. The popular suburb of Noosa Heads is a particularly strong choice for downsizers, with an 8 per cent decline in median house price over the last year, loosening supply, and a stable home owner community. For buyers on a budget, the shire’s lush hinterlands offer a range of properties at more affordable prices without compromising on community or amenities.

  1. Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Qld

Moving south, the Sunshine Coast hinterland is another top pick for Queenslanders in search of a more minimalist lifestyle. With a median house price of $820,000 and a 200 per cent increase in listings over the last two years, the region is a buyer’s market. Suburbs like Maleny, Mapleton, Palmview and Glass House Mountains offer aspiring tree-changers an ideal blend of nature and community.

  1. Cleveland-Stradbroke, Qld

For downsizers drawn to island life, the Cleveland-Stradbroke region might be the perfect match. The region’s median house price sits comfortably at $775,000, but the budget-friendly haven of Macleay Island is home to a median of just $460,000. Located within easy reach of Moreton Bay, the region is a paradise for lovers of coastal living.

  1. Richmond Valley, NSW

The Richmond Valley, at the top end of NSW, is home to a diverse range of properties and communities. From bohemian Byron Bay to quiet Cumbalum, the region has experienced a substantial upsurge in listings, loosening up supply and sending prices downhill. With the median house price down 17 per cent in the last year, now is a great time for downsizers to get into the Richmond Valley market.

  1. Coffs Harbour, NSW

With tranquil beaches and a vibrant community, Coffs Harbour is another appealing NSW location. Over the last two years, Property Credit reported that listings tripled, setting the market firmly in the favour of buyers. For a touch of luxury, Sawtell and Sapphire Beach offer a taste of the good life, while more modest options can be found at Bellingen and Moonee Beach.

  1. Great Lakes, NSW

Close to Newcastle and only a few hours north of Sydney, the Great Lakes is a strong contender for downsizers seeking proximity to family and friends. According to Property Credit, the suburb of Smiths Lake is a particularly appealing option, with rapidly declining house prices and a generous range of stock. With historic Forster and the unspoiled Myall Lakes on the doorstep, the Great Lakes has something for everyone.

  1. Central Tablelands, NSW

Heading inland, the towns of Orange and Bathurst are a great option for downsizers seeking a vibrant community and plenty of historical charm. With median house prices of $720,000 and $650,000 respectively, Orange and Bathurst have many affordable enclaves where homes can be found comfortably below the $600,000 mark. With a younger demographic and plenty of amenities, the NSW interior is ideal for downsizers seeking a more active life.

  1. Queanbeyan, NSW

Down in Queanbeyan, proximity to the nation’s capital makes this region an accessible entry point for downsizers seeking a mix of tranquility and connection. With a median house price of $800,000, the town of Queanbeyan is steadily becoming a buyer’s market. Close enough to Canberra to feel the benefit of the city’s amenities but far enough to enjoy a quiet life, Queanbeyan might be an ideal pick for aspiring downsizers.

  1. Shoalhaven, NSW

Shoalhaven on the NSW South Coast is a great option for sea-changers headed south of Sydney, with a median regional price of $770,000. From the premium suburbs of Ulladulla and Burrill Lake to the dynamic market of South Nowra, Shoalhaven is home to a diverse range of community demographics.

  1. North West Hobart, Tas

Across the Bass Strait, Hobart’s North West is an affordable and picturesque destination. Over the last 12 months, the median house price has dropped to $585,000 and listing growth remains steady. From West Moonah to Claremont, the suburbs of North West Hobart are an accessible, community-centred retreat for downsizers seeking convenience and connection.

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